SHABAD – Kan-Kan

Kan-Kan Mei Vo Hai, Kan-Kan Noor Bharaa, Kan-Kan Noor Saraa |

1.Nainon Mei Mere Dono, Guru Hi Samaaye Hain

Mein Jidhar Bhi Nazar Pheroon, Guru Hi Dikh Paaye Hain

Roushni Ker Mohe Vo, Raah Dikhaaye Hain

Nainon Ki Jyoti Se Akhand Jyot Jalaaye Hain |

Kan-Kan Mei Vo Hai, Kan-Kan Noor Bharaa, Kan-Kan Noor Saaraa |

1.Is Noor Ka Hai Sakhiyon, Tej Badaa Bhaari,

Yeh Noor Nahin Asaan, Dhoondhe Duniya Saari,

Yeh Noor Nahi Miltaa Bin Guru Kripa Ke,

Jo Guru Kripa Ho, Laage Srishti Nyaari |

Kan-Kan Mei Vo Hai, Kan-Kan Noor Bharaa, Kan-Kan Noor Saaraa

3.Andheron Mei Vo, Raah Dikhaaye Hai,

Sote Hoovon Ke Vo, Bhaag Jagaayen Hain|

Haath Pakad Ke Vo, Raman Ke Saath Chale,

Jab Duniya Choot Gayi, Vo Hi Saath Nibhaaye Hain

कन कन में वो है, कन कन नूर भरा, कन कन नूर सारा |

नैनों में मेरे दोनो, गुरु ही समाए है,

मैं जिधर भी नज़र फेरू, गुरु ही दिख पाए है

रौशनी कर मोहे वो, राह दिखाए है

नैनों की ज्योति से अखंड ज्योत जलाए हैं |

कन कन में वो है, कन कन नूर भरा, कन कन नूर सारा |

इस नूर का है सखियों, तेज बड़ा भारी,

यह नूर नहीं आसान, ढूँढे दुनिया सारी,

यह नूर नहीं मिलता, बिन गुरु कृपा के,

जो गुरु कृपा हो, लागे सृष्टी न्यारी |

कन कन में वो है, कन कन नूर भरा, कन कन नूर सारा

अंधेरों में वो, राह दिखाए है,

सोते हुओ के वो, भाग जगाए है,

हाथ पकड़ के वोह, रमण के साथ चले

जब दुनिया छूट गयी, वो ही साथ निभाए है |

ON 23rd JANUARY 2009
Guruji made me write these when I was woken up from deep sleep and late at night 2:15 a.m. and as I was very sleepy wrote them, with the help of my mobile’s light, in my diary placed on the side table & went back to sleep and forgot about it.

Next day, as I was driving down to Delhi there was this song playing on the radio in my car…’pal pal dil ke paas tum rehte ho’ and as I really liked it, I began humming it, and suddenly heard Guruji’s voice telling me to sing the lyrics which he had dictated to me last night in this tune “jo kal ratti likhvaya e is tune ch gaavi.” I was confused and curious as to how I will be able to sing the lyrics in this tune.

[This reminds me how once Guruji had said,a Sangat who is a Sikh man looking at my younger son while he was bowing down to him with a smile, “this boy, like his mother remains confused”—- “ae munda ve apni maa di tarah Bada confused rendaa ae”. At that time this dialogue of his made no sense to me and I had ignored it, and did not like this comment of my Divine Guruji Maharaj then.]

As soon as I reached home late at night from Delhi, I first rushed to check out on the lyrics & see if they could be sung in this tune, and, to my amazement they fitted very well. I took more than a week to get used to the new set of words with this tune. From my earliier visits my Divine Guruji Maharaj I was aware that Guruji was very fond of old songs and often played them in his presence among the Sangat.

(Just 2-3 days before these lyrics were being dictated to me, I was going through this beautiful experience – that, every now and then, whatever I would set my eyes upon, that object would disappear and I would see Guruji. For example, I entered a Tiles showroom in Gurgaon and as I moved each Tile to see the variety of designs, the Tiles would disappear and instead I would see Guruji in each Tile as I moved them. It was sheer BLISS that I was experiencing.)

Every time a Baani is dictated to me the name ‚Raman is used some where in the Lyrics but this time I observed it was not there and so with this strong feelling something is wrong or this Baani is incomplete I rushed to a Sangat who is a Sikh man’s house and as I was also upset about it feeling Guruji is upest with me told all to him honestly. He very patiently went and sat on his bed and closd his eyes and told me to sing the Lyrics which had been dictated to me till now and then to my our amazement dictated the last Paragraph to me saying ,Guruji has dictated these to him and they will fit in the Tune well. Upon hearing the last Paragraph’s wordings I became so overwhelmed that I could not stop crying (howling) and since he had also been told by my Divine Guruji Maharaj to tell me to practice I went to the terrace of his appartments and first cried uncontrollably and tried to practice but every time I would sing the last Paragraph I would get so overwhelmed that I would feel difficulty in singing them.

That day in the Evening as a Satsang was held at his I sung this complete Baani for the Sangat with my eyes Swollen and eyes filled with tears of joy. Every time I would sing the last paragraph, I would uncontrollably cry and had no control over my emotions. I was so overjoyed. Till date I get overwhelmed with emotions.


A few days later as I was driving towards Bada Mandir, late in the evening, when, Near Hyatt Regency Hotel in Delhi, I suddenly realized I had lost my way, as I was thoroughly engrossed in practicing these Lyrics. While driving I was singing “andheron mein Voh raah dikhaye hain”, and suddenly, to my surprise, just then a car came zooming up to me. This was a couple from Guruji’s Sangat screaming loudly “JAI GURUJI!” They asked me why I had stopped my car in the middle of the road and I told them ‘I don’t recognize this road and don’t know which road to take now’. They reversed their car and made me follow them right upto Andheria Chowk. Then they said: ‘We are grateful to Guruji for giving us this seva, we were on our way to a marriage function and had by chance taken this route. Seeing you on that crossing is no coincidence but we feel Guruji sent us just then to help you.’ “WOW! JAI GURU DEV”.

Another incident I would like to narrate here is of the visit to Dugri on 31st May for Guruji’s Mahasamadhi function.[narrated by Aman and Jatin’s sister]

On 30th May 2009, we had driven all night from Delhi towards Jallandhar, thinking that we will first visit Guruji’s Temple at Jallandher, and then attend the function of Maha Samadhi at Dugri the following day on 31st May.

We began the journey with Raman Aunty’s singing of the song ‘Kan Kan Mein Vo Hai’. (She had told us that these Lyrics had been dictated to her by Guruji himself.) She had sung these Lyrics in the same tune as of ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas Tum Rehte Ho’- sung by Kishore Kumar. We did Guruji’s Satsang whole night for the rest of the drive.

All of us kept telling Raman aunty that she is the eldest in this group of youngsters. So during this trip the entire ‘zimmedari’ (responsibility) falls on her shoulder to take care of us and guide us. She kept telling us that we all are Guruji’s zimmedari (responsibility) and will have a great trip under his guidance and loving care. Later only we all realized why the turning point of this trip came at the Dhaba called “ZIMMEDARA DHABA”.

It was around 7:00-7:30 a.m. that the cab driver Manjit suddenly stopped the cab and refused to drive forward without a cup of tea and a short break. We all got off the car reluctantly as none of us wanted to waste any time and had a long journey to cover.

It was here after we all had tea that we all were suddenly engulfed with Guruji’s fragrance of roses and observed the formations of the symbol ‘OM’ ऊँ in the empty glasses of tea, of each sangat. As we were looking at each other’s glasses of tea for the symbol ‘OM’ ऊँ and feeling greatly Blessed by our Guruji, we observed in Raman aunty’s glass of tea the formation of the letter ‘M’ and of a man standing with one hand up and holding a bag in the other hand.

Just then Jatin’s younger sister who had been walking up and down to stretch her legs noticed a Stall on the left side of this Dhaba displaying 80-90 cassettes with their main cover consisting of KIshore Kumar’s photograph and the words “Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas Tum Rehte Ho” as the main Title. Seeing this we all were convinced that Guruji Maharaj is now trying to tell us something and guide us through these HINTS. THEY WERE MORE LIKE STRONG PUNCHES ON OUR NOSE.

While we all were contemplating as to what these Hints and formations predicted,(as Raman aunty often receives predictions in her cup of tea in the form of distinct formations as a blessing from Guruji Maharaj. ), we all continued our journey towards Jallandhar Mandir.

We must have hardly driven for 5-10 minutes when we received a call from Jatin’s cousin whose name begins with the letter ‘M’- Manas from Dugri. He had called to know how long we would take to reach Dugri, as he was waiting at Dugri for our arrival. When we told him we all were moving towards Jallandhar first, he told us that, “if you all go to Jallandhar Mandir first then you all will not be able to make it for the Maha Samadhi function at Dugri in time as it was another one hour’s drive to Jallandhar from that spot, and so the Main aim of our trip would be defeated. He had also told us that he too wanted to accompany us to Jallandhar Mandir after attending the Maha Samadhi function at Dugri.”

So the Message that Guruji wanted to give us was clear now and we turned our car towards Dugri. And reached just in time for the Maha Samadhi function. Had we gone to Jallandhar we would have missed out the Maha Samadhi function as we later got to know, while having Langar Prasad at about 1 p.m., from the sangat group who had come from Jallandhar that there was a Curfew in Jallandhar at that time.
After attending the function at Dugri we all went to Jallandhar. By the time we reached Jallandhar the Curfew had been removed. This is how Guruji Maharaj showed us that how he takes the responsibility ‘ZIMMEDARI’ of each of his Sangat and keeps us on the right path under his guidance with his unconditional love.



Our trip to the Dera at Dugri had been initiated by ‘BAPUJI’, Guruji’s Father, when we had gone for his darshan to his house. He insisted that we should first visit the Dera and directed us how to reach the Dera.

As we reached the Dera, I suddenly started hearing Guruji’s voice, telepathically, telling me that he was with us and told us to look towards the small pond in the centre. As we did so, we all saw this unique bird perched on a branch of a tree.

While Guruji gave me a running commentary [which I was repeating nonstop to the Sangat present with me at that time], we clicked a few photographs of the bird (see her front side – the bird was brown and white in colour). Next Guruji said, ‘she is taking another pose to give a you photograph’, as we took another photograph, the bird turned and we all saw that she was Blue in colour with a Black hood.

Then as Guruji said she will now reveal her true self to you all, and I had just finished uttering these words, we all saw to our amazement the bird took flight and the Young Boy who was taking the photographs managed to take a photograph. At that time I was telling the Sangat present that our Divine Guruji Maharaj was giving Darshan to us in the form of the Bird and later after reaching the house of the Balwinder Family as the young boy who had taken the photographs was looking through the snaps he had taken was ASTOUNDED as he observed THIS photograph in which the BIRD GHAIRPHANG took the form of a MAN! During all this while I would get whiffs of Guruji’s Fragrance of roses.

(Bird Ghairphang turning into a man!)

It was later that we all realized that Guruji had given us Darshan in the form of a bird called Ghairphang at the Dera. Later we were told by the residents of Dugri Mr.inder Singhji’s Family(upon showing them these photographs) that this bird is called Ghairphang and is an extremely rare bird and is known as a form of SHIVJI.

Since we all were staying at Mr. Balwinder Singhji’s house during that visit and had done the above Satsang with the family and also shown the photographs which we had taken Mrs. Balwinder, fondly called by My Guruji Maharaj as ‘Thanedaarni Aunty‘ got excited and said sahe has lived in Dugri since so many years and yet has not visite The Dera and said she too wnted to recieve the Darshan of the auspicious Bird. I heard my Divine Guruji Maharaj’s voice telepathically and told her that he was saying, “ Jaa Kalayan Kitta Thaanedaarni Aunty Nu vi cheti le jayi kal subhah te Darshan kara laayi , next morning when we all left again for Dera we all were Lucky to Recieve the Divine Darshans of Ghairphang with aunty and the much heard of the auspicious pair of parrots too at the Dera.

On our first visit me and the sangat managed to hunt and collect Peacock feathers and under the guidance of my Divine Guruji Maharaj also found feathers of the Divine Ghairphang . on our secind visit with Thaanedaarni Aunty to our surprise we all did not even have to hunt as Peacock feathers were found lying right under the Vriksh Devta and thaane daarni Aunty remarked, that since Guruji knows that she has a problem in her knees and is unable to walk much he was considerate and provided Peacock Feathers for her right at the place till where she would be able to walk. Again under the Guidance of my Divine Guruji Maharaj I managed to find feathers of the Divine Bird Ghairphang for Thaanedaarni Aunty and some more for ourselves too.

The following day being a ‘Puranmashi’ and also the first Sunday of the month we attended the langar function at Dugri first and then the evening Langar at Jallandhar Mandir and returned to Delhi feeling fully blessed.( My Divine Guruji Maharaj shows his presence in the form of Peacocks and recieving their Feathers are considered his blessing among My Divine Guruji Maharaj’s Sangat)

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(These are Divine words and not to be changed by anyone since that will not be in interest of anyone).

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